9 February 2021
AC91-24 (ADS-B Systems) revision 1 released

The CAA have released revision 1 of AC91-24 relating to ADS-B systems.

This version of the AC incorporates operational guidance on the use of ADS-B technology, in line with the latest amendments to Rule Part 91. In the revision there are new sections, drawn from international sources and in response to common queries to CAA, to provide more operational detail to help participants meet requirements. The AC aims to provide;

(a) an explanation of the mandate for ADS-B OUT

(b) information on the certification process for installing ADS-B OUT on aircraft

(c) guidance on equipment requirements for aircraft operating ADS-B systems in New Zealand, and

(d) guidance on performance requirements for ADS-B OUT systems.


The revised AC also provides a means of compliance for the use of position source equipment that do not meet the TSO requirements in NTC91.258. The flow chart on page 14 illustrates what position sources the Director has approved for Standard and Restricted Category aircraft, as well as Special Category aircraft and Microlights.

A full copy of the revised AC can be found here.