3 March 2020
ADS-B Grant Scheme now welcoming applications

The NSS team is delighted to announce that the CAA has opened the ADS-B Grant Scheme, and aircraft owners who meet the eligibility criteria can now submit applications to claim up to $3000 + GST for their ADS-B installations.

Information on how to prepare, and apply, for your grant can be found on the ADS-B website.

You will note from the information on the website that there is a time frame of 6 months from entering the grant scheme to claiming your funds. We appreciate that most, if not all, avionic workshops will also be affected by the current events, and therefore booking your aircraft into upgrade might be particularly difficult at the moment for a range of reasons.

In light of this the CAA is extending the 6 month window to 12 months until further notice; if you have a booking, or make a booking, for your ADS-B installation to occur within the next 12 months then you will be permitted to enter the scheme. This extension will be reassessed after NZ’s COVID-19 alert level has been reduced to a level that allows for the resumption of normal daily life.

If you have any questions about the grant scheme please email