1 October 2020
Event Announcement: NSS Conference Webinar Series "Making ADS-B Work"

This November the NSS Conference will be presented using a virtual platform for the first time, to deliver a series of talks on "Making ADS-B Work". There will be global perspectives from the US and Australia on lessons learned from their ADS-B Transitions, best practice guidance for operators in New Zealand for its ADS-B Transition, plus an ADS-B Grant Scheme update and Q&A.

  • 03 Nov: Tues  11am – 12.30pm: Dan Hicok (FAA, Director, Surveillance Services)
    • US Equip 2020 – What the FAA and industry achieved together – what they learnt and what benefits they've realised.
  • 04 Nov: Weds 7pm – 8pm: Andrew Andersen (IAOPA Vice President, Pacific Region)
    • Australia’s ADS-B Transition (participant’s perspective on the benefits)
  • 05 Nov: Thurs 7pm – 8pm : Tom Gormley (CAA ADS-B Grant Scheme Technical Advisor)
    • New Zealand: ADS-B best practice for all and ADS-B Grant Scheme update and Q&A

Watch out for preview content in the coming weeks and don't miss out on this one off opportunity to enhance your understanding of ADS-B and what it means for you in New Zealand!

To register your interest and receive an invite to these Microsoft Teams events email or click HERE to register. Please do include any questions on New Zealand’s ADS-B transition that you would like to have considered for discussion.