3 March 2023
Last Call for ADS-B Grant Scheme

The ADS-B Grant Scheme is still running in 2023, although it wraps up on the 30th of June. There is still plenty of time to apply, but you will need to complete the installation, be detected transmitting acceptable ADS-B data by Airways and submit a claim before 30th June 2023 to receive the grant. Additionally, if you have already claimed for ADS-B OUT, you can still claim for an ADS-B IN installation if you’ve recently upgraded. And don’t forget - as of 31st December 2022, it was mandatory for all aircraft entering controlled airspace to be ADS-B equipped and transmitting acceptable ADS-B data.


To submit an application, please see here.

If you have any general inquiries about ADS-B and the application process, please email, and for any technical inquiries, please email


Not aware of the ADS-B Grant Scheme? The ADS-B Grant Scheme is available, with plenty of funds remaining. For further information go to the ADS-B Grant Scheme website -