7 June 2023
Less Than Four Weeks Until the Scheme Ends

After more than three years and over $6M distributed, the ADS-B Grant Scheme is now entering its final days. There is less than four weeks left until the ADS-B Grant Scheme ends on the 30th of June 2023. Time is rapidly running out, so apply now or risk missing out.

Friday 30th June 2023 is the last day on which claims can be submitted and considered for a grant. Eligible claims received before the end of 30th of June 2023 will be processed as soon as possible, with payment received by claimants no later than 30th of September 2023.

If you have already claimed for ADS-B OUT, you can still install and claim for ADS-B IN if you have recently upgraded.


To submit an application, please see here(external link). Once you have applied and the application has been accepted, please make sure to also submit a claim form. Remember there are two steps:

  1. Apply using the purple form.
  2. Claim using the green form (the link is in the "application accepted" email).

If you have any general inquiries about ADS-B and the application process, please email, and for any technical inquiries, please email


In the three years since the scheme launched, the number of New Zealand registered aircraft equipped with ADS-B has risen to nearly 3000. This includes almost 88% of those aircraft that have been determined to enter controlled airspace.

The ADS-B Grant Scheme has been a great success, and to make sure that you do not miss out on being able to claim the available funds, please submit your claim as soon as possible.  


Not applied for the Grant Scheme yet? Don’t forget that the ADS-B Grant Scheme is available, with plenty of funds remaining. For further information go to the ADS-B Grant Scheme website - link)

Finally, do not forget that as of 31st December 2022, it was mandatory for all aircraft entering controlled airspace to be ADS-B OUT equipped and transmitting acceptable ADS-B data.