25 February 2020
Workshop Capacity Survey highlights the need to equip with ADS-B OUT sooner rather than later

The New Southern Sky team has released a report that clearly highlights the finite capacity of Avionics Workshops around New Zealand, and reiterates the need to get equipped (or at least booked in to a workshop) as soon as possible.

The survey, carried out in September and October 2019, shows that workshop capacity currently exists to upgrade 103 aircraft per month, with around 80% of that capacity based in the North Island. With upgrade rates currently at around 40-50 aircraft per month there is still availability in workshops – however this is quickly running out the closer we get to 31 December 2021. If you leave it to beyond June to secure your spot in the queue, you may encounter a bottleneck.

Workshops around the country are taking bookings all the way up to December 2021. By booking your installation now you should be able to avoid any bottlenecks at workshops, plus you’ll be able to claim an ADS-B grant of up to $3000 plus GST for eligible equipment and installation.

The full survey can be found here.